Possible Explanations For Why K-Pop Beat J-Pop
By Andrew Parker - August 25, 2021

Those of us old enough to remember the internet just over ten years ago and yet not too old to as to be called dementia-stricken boomers may just remember that little cultural phenomenon hailing from the far East known as J-Pop. It was just as if not as influential as another kind of Asian pop which has since then overtaken it and left J-Pop eating its dust: K-Pop. This left some of us scratching our heads: what exactly happened? Where did all that J-Pop momentum go? How is it possible that such a strong musical movement was so completely destroyed by something so similar? How is it that they didn’t both enjoy some sort of co-existence in the limelight? Without further ado, here are two reasons that might help explain why K-Pop has become so dominant. Emphasis on the ‘might.’

Many say that South Korean Culture tends to be a bit more pg

Gettyimages / Cindy Ord / WireImage

If there’s one thing that hinders commercial viability it’s promiscuity. It’s commonly held that there’s a certain Puritanism at work in South Korean culture. This may or may not stem from the combined influence of their Christian population (which makes up around a quarter of South Korea’s entire population) and their culture’s roots in Confucianism. This is great for creating child-friendly, very marketable content that advertisers won’t be afraid to get behind. This