Prince Charles Told Princess Diana He Didn't Love Her
By admin - November 13, 2020

A close friend of Princess Diana, Penny Thornton, talks about hitherto unknown details of the British royal family in a new documentary.

The sensationally acclaimed film The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess aired on the English television channel on Thursday, November 12, exactly 25 years after Diana’s famous interview with the BBC.

Thorton said the night before the “fabulous wedding”, Charles told Diana that he did not like:

“One of the most shocking things Diana said to me was Charles’ pre-wedding words that he did not like her. I think Charles wished the wedding was not built on false expectations and Diana was accustomed to reality beforehand, but those words broke his heart. “Then he even thought he would not attend the wedding.”

Photo: Getty Images

In a 1995 BBC interview, Diana revealed that in addition to her marriage, she and Charles had a love affair with other people. Charles was dating his ex-girlfriend, Camilla Parker, which eventually led to the couple separating in 1992. This time Parker is the wife of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Asked by journalist Martin Bashir if the reason for the divorce was Camilla Parker, Diana replied:

“We were three people in this marriage, so I felt a little crowded.”

The interview was recorded 3 years after the divorce and Diana also said that she later had an affair with a former British naval officer, James Hewitt. Asked if she had betrayed Charles to him, Diana replied:

“Yes, I adored him, I loved him.”

Shortly after this interview, the British royal family stripped Princess Diana of the title of “Her Majesty” and retained only the title of Princess of Wales. In 1997, Diana was killed in a car accident when her car was chased by paparazzi. He died after being taken to hospital. As the ambulance doctor on the scene recalls, his last words were “God, what happened?”.