Profane Parrots Removed From Zoo Display For Cursing At Visitors
By admin - October 4, 2020

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in England has transferred five gray parrots to isolated cages due to rude language.

The parrots were brought to the park about 6 weeks ago and housed in one room during the quarantine. According to the park’s executive director, Steve Nichols, it was at this time that the parrots discovered that they could swear and encouraged each other.
According to Nichols, rude parrots are no strangers to him.

“For the past 25 years, we have always encountered parrots using obscene words. We always perceive their swearing as comical. However, because all five parrots were housed in one room, it meant that the room was full of swearing.” He said.

According to him, because everyone laughed at their swearing, the parrots enjoyed it more and more.

Currently, parrots are housed in isolated cages and have changed habitats in the park.

“If they teach other parrots to swear, we will have 250 rude birds. In this case, I do not know what to do.” He said.