Ratched Breaks Netflix Records As Most-Watched Series
By admin - October 19, 2020

Ryan Murphy is definitely not kidding anymore.

According to the latest data, Ryan Murphy’s new series Ratched (Ratched) was the most-watched original series on the streaming service Netflix this year: more than 48 million people watched this new TV show in the first 28 days after its premiere.

The first season of the series, which consists of eight episodes, was released on September 18th.

Rachedi was filmed in the cuckoo’s nest in the 1975 cult film, and it’s a kind of prequel to the film: the story tells of much earlier events and introduces the character of Mildred Rachedd, a well-known character in the world of cinema or literature, who is better known as Paul.

Fans of Ryan Murphy’s TV shows are well acquainted with series such as American Horror Story, American Crime Story or Pose, and it seems that even Rade has established an honorable place in his work with his high rating.

Although Rachedi turned out to be the most popular show of 2020 for Netflix, he failed to break the historical record of this streaming service, which belongs to The Witcher: The fantasy series starring Henry Cavill has more than 76 million views in 4 weeks since its release in 2019.

Netflix has obviously already announced the continuation of Rached, but after these results, they will probably start working on the following seasons with even more enthusiasm.