Raya - Meet The New Disney Warrior Princess
By admin - October 22, 2020

Disney often entertains animated lovers with new fairy-tale stories, and its upcoming project is doomed to be loved by many viewers.

Raya and the Last Dragon is a new animated story about a warrior who wants to find the last dragon to save his kingdom from evil.

The first trailer recently released reveals that Raya will have to go through a difficult path to achieve this goal:

As promised in the trailer, the upcoming project will be as sensational as Moana and Frozen.

“What is very interesting about this project is that the story shows us in a completely different way what it means to be a princess: Raya is technically a princess, but she is a better warrior. Who can take care of himself, “said actress Kelly Train, who voices Raya’s character. It is noteworthy that he will be the first South Asian actor to voice the main character in a Disney animation.

We were especially looking forward to seeing this animation this year, but the pandemic, like many other projects, prevented its realization: the premiere date has changed and according to current information, Raya and the last dragon will be released in cinemas on March 12, 2021.