Reading Books Contribute to a Healthy Lifestyle
By Claire Miles - March 25, 2023

People read books because they enjoy reading. They like the process of reading, learning new things, reading people’s minds, traveling to places where the books take them, knowing about various cultures, etc. However, the advantages of reading books go beyond just enjoyment, vocabulary improvement, and information acquisition. Instead, it impacts your mental and physical health, adding up to your healthy lifestyle.

Getty Images / OJO Images / Paul Bradbury

Reading books improves the intellect and stimulates cognitive function. When we read a book, we imagine the scenarios detailed in the book, unlike watching a movie, which accomplishes this for us. During the imaginative process, the reader chooses which world he wants to shoot the scenes in, which people he wants to cast, how he wants to implant emotions, etc. Thus, this creative process stimulates cognitive activity and enhances the brain’s efficient functioning. Furthermore, reading books decreases stress, tackles depression, improves sleep quality, strengthens our brain’s neuronal circuits and networks, increases our memorizing capacity, etc., all of which tend to sharpen our mental activity. Books are also a good way to avoid degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Reading books is an excellent way to keep the mind engaged as you age and stimulate the brain to combat cognitive illnesses such as dementia.

Reading books also promotes physical well-being by allowing us to reset physically and regulating our heart rate and blood pressure. Reading does not take any physical effort, so it enables us to relax, improves our mood, and makes us happy, all of which contribute to our health and overall well-being. Thus, reading books offer several advantages, ranging from brain growth to depression relief. So, don’t be afraid to pick up a book if you feel anxious or unhappy. It is a great way to relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle which consequently helps in the maintenance of our physical and mental well-being.