Real Dinosaur Cloned in China?
By admin - October 19, 2020

Recently, a video has been actively shared on social media showing a white-robed man holding a small dinosaur that is making noises.

In many places, this video is shared as proof that Chinese scientists “revived” the dinosaur. Among them, one of the Georgian Facebook users, whose popular post you can see below, claims that [text unchanged] – “Chinese scientists, from the discovered DNM material, artificially raised one of the dinosaur species. According to them, it develops well and is characterized by aggression. “They became extinct on Earth millions of years ago, and they came to life again. At first, the corona was invaded, now the dinosaurs will not be expelled and will not be invaded.”

This is not true. The video depicts a rather realistic dinosaur doll and a man in a white coat controls the doll by hand, while the dinosaur doll has a “fake hand” wrapped around it. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average dinosaur. Even seeing them on the Internet cannot prove that their clone was created in any country.

Exactly the same – we see the manual management of a dinosaur doll in the video below, which was uploaded in 2019. However here it is more clearly seen that the little dinosaur doll is man-made.

The video, which is now actively circulating in Georgian social spaces, was posted by Jurassic Outpost on Twitter at the end of September, with the caption: “A real little dinosaur? Look, a young parasavrolop (dinosaur species) has been added to the Jurassic World exhibition.” Jurassic Outpost is a fan site of the film Jurassic Park, and Jurassic World is an exhibition dedicated to this film.

More specifically, the Jurassic World Expo is an event based on the film of the same name, where people can view realistic dinosaur dolls featured in the film.