Reasons Why We Gain Weight Despite Intense Exercise
By admin - November 15, 2020

Do you run a few miles every day, do not exercise while at home, before the pandemic the gym was your second home, but the scales still do not show the desired numbers? This article will ask you five questions. Answers to them may help you to achieve the desired result.

Do you really manage to balance calories?

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Justin Sullivan

Treadmills or exercise bikes often have incorrect numbers on the screen. Various studies have shown that calorie counters in exercise machines, in some cases, show up to 30% more than the calories you burn, so if you trust them, you may not have a problem eating extra food.

Therefore, it is better not to pay attention to exercise equipment. Even better, if you do not spend your life counting calories, but to balance weight, it is still better to determine for yourself how many calories you burn during exercise and take in after meals. A variety of apps will help you with this – a fitness tracker that will show you a more realistic picture of cardio machines.