Relics of Early 2000s Hairstyling
By Keith Donnelly - August 13, 2021

Most people who lived through the 2000s and were old enough to remember it would prefer to annihilate that period from their memories. It’s not that it was a bad time to live, it’s that 2000s fashion is notorious for being pretty unsightly. So, what better way to face our fears and transcend our past selves than courageously tackle our horrible fashion choices?

Hair Gel

Gettyimages / ZenShui/Laurence Mouton / PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections

Oh man, are we glad this trend is almost over and done with. Sure there may be a few people here and there that still stuck (get it) to their hair-gelling ways, but most people have grown out of that phase. This is a good thing for our coolness factor as a society and our actual hair: there are so many obvious downsides to styling your hair with gel from the perspective of your hair’s health.