Remember the COVID-19 Pandemic? There could be more coming!
By Rachel Jones - June 15, 2023

2020 altered the world we lived in. Starting March, many countries around the world went into lockdown, limiting movement of every scale and manner. The main cause of the pandemic remains unknown, although there are many theories and speculations. One theory, which has the most consensus over the COVID-19 pandemic’s origin is the climate crisis. Over the past few years, humans have been destroying the environment at every opportunity. This has led to the destruction of wildlife habitat, leading to animals making way into human ecosystems. Such a scenario leads to many diseases- small and big. The big, while few, can be quite destructive- as we have learnt in the case COVID-19.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Artur Debat

Scientists predict that if the destruction of wildlife habitats continues, pandemics could become more frequent. What is the solution? Curb the climate crisis; play your part! Tackling the issue as a whole is not possible because there are many branches to it. However, in terms of preventing frequent pandemics, protecting nature is one of the major, most clear methods. Humans need to stop clearing away massive forest reserves to make space for commercial and residential interests. The main question that arises is, how can a common man prevent the initiation of such projects?

The reason such commercial interests are carried out is because there is demand, from the common man! People want to enjoy bigger malls and theme parks, they want to live in bigger houses, and drive on wider roads. However, what is forgotten in the process is that such luxuries have repercussions- fatal ones even! Owing to increasing populations, it is understood that humans will need more area to live, however, the destruction of nature reserves needs to be planned. And for every acre of forests cut down, it is essential that another acre of forest is grown! It has become essential for the survival of our species. Speak up for your planet and lead a nature-friendly lifestyle!