Researchers Achieve First “Sustained” Long Distance Quantum Teleportation
By admin - December 19, 2020

The research team claims that sustainable long-distance quantum teleportation was first achieved. Quantum Internet is becoming more and more real.

According to Fermilab, the study could lay the groundwork for a “viable quantum Internet” – a network in which information stored in qubits will be shared over long distances, all using quantum entanglement. This could fundamentally change the field of data storage, accurate sensing and computing. “

The team, which partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy Fermilab, as well as the University of Calgary and other partners, managed to teleport the photon cubit to 44 fiber kilometers.

By means of quantum entanglement, two particles are connected to each other by invisible forces in separate places. Regardless of the distance, encrypted information shared between “intertwined” pairs of particles can be transferred between them.

By sharing these quantum cubits, the basic units of quantum computing, researchers hope to create networks of quantum computers that can share information faster.

“It’s really a breakthrough. It can help us create new networks and even more complex systems,” said Christoph Simon, a professor of physics at the University of Calgary.

It is very difficult to maintain a steady flow of this information over long distances. The previous world record belonged to researchers at the University of Calgary, then the distance was just six kilometers.

The researchers hope that this system will be scaled up, for which they plan to use quantum entanglement and memory to transmit information.

I wonder how soon we will be able to use the quantum internet.