Ryan Kaji: 9-Year-Old Boy Tops YouTube's Highest-Paid 2020 List
By admin - December 21, 2020

A 9-year-old boy who made nearly $ 30 million in 2020 by rating toys or other content videos on YouTube has earned the status of the highest paid YouTuber of the year.

Ryan Kaji, who lives in Texas, USA, is known for his YouTube channel Ryan’s World, where he posts videos with the participation of his family members and often advertises products of different brands.

Ryan started posting videos on YouTube in 2015 when he suddenly asked his mother, “Why am I not like other kids on YouTube?” Today, it has a total of nine channels on this platform, with more than 27 million subscribers.

Ryan Kaji’s most popular video has over two billion views and he is among the 60 most popular videos of all time on YouTube.

The list of the highest paid YouTubers of the year was published by Forbes, and in total the people in the top ten were able to generate $ 211 million last year.

As The Guardian writes, Professor Benjamin Burroughs, an assistant professor of social media and journalism at the University of Nevada, warns us of certain dangers: Often children are so influenced by such “baby influencers” that a parent may not even realize it.