Ryan Reynolds Doesn't Want A Street Named After Him
By admin - December 3, 2020

Ryan Reynolds does not want a street named after him in Vancouver. In Canada, in his hometown, citizens filed a petition demanding that the street be named after their proudest actor.

“Not only has he conquered our hearts from the big screens, with his humanity he has become a local treasure trove showcasing the best of Vancouver. He deserves recognition in his hometown, it’s time!” – It is written in the petition, which is signed by up to 4000 people.

However, the Deadpool actress does not want a street named after her in Vancouver, and the reason for this is simple:

“If there is congested traffic or traffic jams on this street, everyone will say, ‘Ryan Reynolds is a big mess,’ or ‘Ryan Reynolds is overcrowded.’ And my friends make a lot of jokes about it.”

We have a reasonable suspicion that in these words he was referring to his sleepless friends, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, who leave no reason to patronize him.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Mike Coppola

This year Ryan Reynolds has done a lot of good deeds. He paid $ 5,000 to find the stolen bear for the girl, and along with his wife, Blake Lively, transferred half a million dollars to the homeless youth.