Samsung is Conquering New Heights With the Line of Samsung 8K Resolution TV
By admin - October 30, 2020

For more than a decade, Samsung has been a real giant in the screen industry, be it in the smartphone segment, TVs or other devices. When you are in such an advanced sector, you set the standards. Such is Samsung’s approach, which is why the Korean giant does not stop supplying customers with news. QLED 8K technology is the new standard that Samsung has introduced to the global TV industry.

Samsung is actively developing the so-called QLED. Quantum dot technology. We are dealing with very small, nano crystals used in these types of screens. The crystals range in size from 3 to 6 nanometers, and their size determines the color of the pixels. These quantum dots start to glow when interacting with light, giving us a higher color gamut than high-dynamic range images and competing technologies. This means that if a typical LED screen can transmit up to 16 million colors, quantum dot technology can increase that mark to a billion.

All this is no longer news, because the first line of QLED TVs was introduced by Samsung a few years ago. This year’s innovation is that smart TVs have been upgraded to 8K format. Imagine a massive borderless screen with a resolution of 7680X4320 pixels. It is already impossible to see the pixels with the magnifying glass here.

To control the screen of this technology, Samsung has developed a completely new, 8K Quantum Processor, which, in addition to improving the resolution, monitors the lighting of the room in live mode and according to this parameter changes the display dynamics, contrast and other characteristics to maximize viewers’ experience. The processor has built-in artificial intelligence technology – AI Upscaling, which improves low-resolution content to 8K image quality if the transmitted video line is not of the appropriate resolution. It is no longer a problem if the show you are watching is not filmed with an 8K resolution camera – Samsung’s neural network will optimize it and offer it on an 8K screen.

Definitely worth noting is Samsung’s approach to TV design this year. If you follow our articles, you will know that the Korean giant collaborates with world-famous design brands to create TVs with unique visuals. The QLED 8K line of TVs is no exception, as it is decided in a minimalist design and the thickness of its frames is reduced to almost zero. The ratio of the screen to the body is 99% and it can be said that the frames are completely invisible. The back of the panel is flat, allowing us to hang the TV away from the wall.

Samsung’s updated line of TVs is housed in an ultra-thin (up to 15 millimeters) thick body. Samsung also used transparent cables in these models for invisible connection to the TV. All of the above serve the sole mission – to make the TV an integral part of the interior. 8K QLED TVs have a special Ambient Mode feature, which allows you to display an interior detail, ornament, picture, or your own photo on the screen. With the wall generation function, the TV is completely lost in the installed environment.

The QLED 8K is designed to achieve aesthetic perfection with its own design solution, minimal frame and distance from the wall. These TVs are designed for lovers of perfection.

8K resolution QLED 8K TVs are sold in the networks of Samsung partner stores. Q700T, Q800T, Q950TS models with different screen sizes and specifications are presented.