Samsung Marketing Strategy
By Claire Miles - October 24, 2022

Recently, Samsung has been quite successful in creating a name for itself, however, when it started, the brand needed much strength and motivation. The brand started off as a low tier manufacturing brand with little value for consumers. However, today the brand has been one of the top manufacturers and is competing with multiple technological companies, even apple.

Samsung started off as a cheap brand named Sanyo and began manufacturing Televisions back in 1970. However, till the late 90’s the brand formulated parts for major companies such as Dell, Hewlet Packcard and GE. The companies even used Samsung’s name to sell off low maintenance products such as microwaves and heaters. The brand rebranded itself an overachiever when people recognized its importance back in 1997 when the Asian market crashed. This meant that people needed cheap products yet required quality and Samsung was able to provide them with that. At that time, the company recognized its importance and the CEO even said that his products were far better than Sony yet because of the brand image, the products had to sit back.

Samsung has been extremely successful in its marketing because of the research and development programs that were introduced by the firm. This meant that Samsung was literally analyzing market trends and was eager to find a gap to ensure that they could just fill in the hole and position themselves in the market. Not only this, the brand has been quite successful in creating advertisements that are able to attract the major chunk of the population. They recently created the BTS advertisement which allowed them to secure a unique collaboration in the market which no one else could have done before. Moreover, their products are extremely cutting edge technology which gives them an edge to create a name for themselves in the market.