Samsung's Galaxy S21 Could Arrive Earlier And Cheaper
By admin - November 6, 2020

What we need to know:

  • Samsung Galaxy S212021 will go on sale on January 14;
  • It will have a unique case that does not cover one corner of the smartphone at all;
  • It is still unclear whether this case officially belongs to Samsung or not.
  • It was recently announced that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will go on sale on January 14, 2021. This story is just two months away and pictures of the Galaxy S21 have already appeared on the internet.

A well-known “revealer” – Ice universe (same as @UniverseIce) shared photos of potential Galaxy S21 cases via Twitter. These cases are made unique by their distinctive design and features.

As you can see, the entire corner of the smartphone is exposed and therefore quite vulnerable to external damage. The design of the case is not only very strange, it is also an inefficient and unreasonable choice, since in it this expensive technology does not look so safe.

As we have heard so far from the tweet of Steve Hemmerstoffer, the same @OnLeaks, the strangeness of these cases can be attributed to the unusual and eccentric design of the smartphone itself.

Getty Images/Future/T3 Magazine

From the photos we can see that there are many changes in the design of the Galaxy S21 compared to the Galaxy S20. The entire corner of the new smartphone where the camera system is located will be covered with glass. Therefore, it is likely that the entrepreneurs had to make a strange choice in order to somehow fit the case to the smartphone.

Since we do not yet know if these photos officially belong to Samsung or not, hopefully we will see more secure cases by January 14th.

Details and features of the S21 series may be somewhat limited, however we already know that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a 6.8-inch screen, 5,000 mAh battery and a 108MP primary rear camera.