Scientific Explanation Behind Dressing For Zoom Meeting
By admin - October 8, 2020

Employees around the world who after March, in a pandemic, started working remotely from home and wearing classic pants and jackets called. They replaced the clothes at home with sportswear and plain t-shirts, later realizing that the change did not justify it. The Wall Street Journal dedicated an article to this topic.

More specifically, attire affected mood and made people less productive at work. That’s why most changed their approaches and started going back to the old work style again. So, for example, when they wake up in the morning, adjust to their work style, in the case of women, their hair and make-up are also arranged, and only after these procedures, work begins. It turns out that in this area, there is even real science that studies the activity/productivity relationship between clothing and the brain. As a result, it has been a fact for years that the style of academic dress improves both the mood and the quality of the work.

During the pandemic, this science took on a different direction and, for example, studied the effects of distance dressing, Zoom meetings, and employee attitudes/communication.

“The clothes you wear may have a greater impact and send an important message to our subconscious as well as to those around us,” said the researcher, who has been working on the issue for years.
Today, together with two Ph.D. students at Columbia Business School, he explores the phenomena that involve wearing academic clothing above the year and simple clothing during the year and its connection to the human mind/activity.

Does this dualistic attire cause a decline in a person’s self-esteem, if the opposite motivation is insignificant, yet still a secret to oneself that no one else knows or can see on screen – the proven answer to these questions is good or bad, does not yet exist; For work, all you need to do is put on clothes that make you feel like you work, and it doesn’t matter if you wear a hoodie, which is absolutely a success, and for example, the founder of Facebook, who wore sportswear to the office, Did not prevent him from being among the richest people in the world. That’s why they concluded that the most important thing is the style you choose to associate with the work environment and productivity and work mood from home and the beach, will remain in place.