Scientists Around the World
By Ariella Jacobs - May 30, 2023

You might have heard of some famous scientists around the world like Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein, but have you ever wondered what these scientists actually did? It has been centuries since these people have passed away because they have done groundbreaking work in the sciences. Great minds like these are hard to come by and when they are put to good use, a simple theory can lead to some of the most magnificent progressions in engineering and discovery.

Isaac Newton is responsible for the invention of calculus and the discovery of gravity. As you may have already heard, Newton was sitting by the edge of a tree when an apple fell. He observed the fall and realized that there was much more to the fall than what we see. In fact, the fall is caused by a force pulling the apple toward the surface. That is how the entire concept of gravity came into being. If it wasn’t for this discovery, many of the most crucial steps humanity has taken in uncovering the secrets of the universe would not have ever happened. For example, it would be impossible to get to the moon or understand why planets orbit the sun.

Einstein is most famous for his theory of relativity. It states that the speed of light is constant for all observers and that observers moving at constant speeds are all subject to the same physical laws. It may seem like a fact that makes no difference to you, but without Einstein’s theory of relativity, it would be impossible for you to travel through the GPS or even have your mobile watches synchronized with the world. The world has become a lot more modern and technology-driven over the past century but we should always remember the people that have made such advancements possible.