Scientists Have No Answer About Where The Black Hole Disappear
By admin - December 18, 2020

The universe is full of clusters of galaxies called clusters. However, Abell 2261 stands out because the galaxy at the center of the cluster should typically have one of the largest supermassive black holes, though – it does not.

This is strange because similar galaxies orbit around a black hole. In general, clusters are the largest gravitationally connected structures that often have a bright galaxy at their center, called the Cluster Bright Galaxy (BCG).

Abell 2261’s central galaxy is called A2261-BCG, and it is ten times larger than a deer leap, with a nucleus measuring 10,000 light-years. One of the largest nuclei among galaxies must also have a large black hole, although scientists can not find it anywhere. Hubble and the Chandra X-ray Observatory tried to fix it, but without success.

A team of astronomers led by Keihan Gultekin believes that the supermassive black hole just erupted from the center of the galaxy.

When two supermassive black holes approach each other and merge, giant gravitational waves propagate through the universe. Ideally, if these waves were stronger in one direction, then it is possible for gravitational reversal to occur and the combined black holes to move in the opposite direction.

If this is indeed the case and the researchers have found a document, then something like this will be observed for the first time. The problem is that scientists do not know whether it is possible to merge black holes at all.

The simulations show that when two supermassive black holes approach each other, their orbits narrow and massive energy is released. The closer the two black holes are to each other, the less space is left for the energy released. It is estimated that the two black holes will not be closer to each other for more than 3.2 light-years. Therefore, we see black holes moving around each other in the universe, but we have not yet seen the merging of two black holes.

Scientists are not sure what happened. Moreover, they do not rule out that there is still a black hole in the center of the aforementioned galaxy, it is simply “hidden”. A black hole does not emit radiation by itself, it can only be fixed when it is “fed”. Maybe, this black hole is on the diet?