Scientists Say That “Spiteful” Octopuses Punch Fish When Angry
By admin - December 24, 2020

Octopuses are amazing and clever creatures. The latest footage taken by science shows that they were, after all, rude and sharia.

The octopus species Octopus cyanea appears to be roughly repelled by fish. All of this sometimes happens for no reason at all, says the journal Ecology.

Scientists have not yet fully determined the cause of this strange and violent omission of the octopus, however, there are versions.

A friend is not a food

Researchers explain that octopuses often hunt for food with other fish. Consequently, if in such a process, any fish “forgets its place”, the octopus reminds him of it and this reminder can be pushed by a tentacle.

However, octopuses sometimes behave this way even when not hunting.

In this case, there are two different theoretical scenarios. According to the first, the octopus does this simply because of a bad habit. As for the other, scientists suggest that the octopus thus somehow punishes the fish. The reason for the punishment may be the “bad behavior” of the fish, or the “laziness” of the fish during the previous hunt.

It is possible for octopuses to try to improve teamwork, or simply avoid aggression. However, the fact is that there are quite complex social dynamics between octopuses and other fish that we are only now beginning to understand.