Sephora's Marketing Strategy
By Jade Kerr - July 31, 2022

Sephora is one of the most famous skincare and makeup shops around the world. They are known for providing all types of skincare and makeup under one roof. Moreover, their offers and sales have been breathtaking and people from all over the world visit Sephora to shop for their goodies. They contain makeup, skincare, perfumes, and even hair care products. Sephora is known for providing the best of the products as they help smaller brands grow at a much faster pace.

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Justin Sullivan

Brands like Lancome and clinique who have been around the makeup and skincare market for a very long time are able to ensure their sales, however, newer and flourishing brands such as Rare beauty and Urban Decay who just recently launched are also able to get a shelf for themselves at the store. Sephora has been extremely intelligent with its marketing as it has helped multiple people to gain and access its premium membership which helps the customer gain certain discounts and obtain perks for being a valued customer. This helps in the free promotion of the brand as makeup artists and beauty influencers.

Sephora has been the ultimate beauty store for a while because of its extremely competitive pricing and sales offers. The word Sephora comes from the Greek word “Sephos” which means to be pretty and “Zipporah” which means pretty wife. Sephora has also been providing excellent customer service by ensuring and investigating what its customers require. The products are usually sold out; Sephora plans a Sephora favorite pack which allows the customers to get it at a much cheaper price. Many companies including Farsali and Huda beauty launched their products with the help of Sephora and these products instantly became a huge hit giving all the engagement and attention Sephora deserved. Moreover, it is an extended business of Louis Vuitton (LV) which is known for its luxury products.