Singapore Launches 'Cruises to Nowhere'
By admin - October 9, 2020

Singapore will offer a “Cruise to Nowhere” to locals who miss the trip. It should be noted that the liner will not stop at any port. Information about this is spread by CNN.

According to the publication, the cruise liner will leave the port on November 6 and sail aimlessly into the ocean. According to the Singapore Tourism Council, only residents will be eligible to participate in the cruise.

The so-called The safe cruise will be operated by Genting Cruise Lines and Royal Garibbean.

As the publication writes, those passengers who will be tested for coronavirus will be allowed on board. During the cruise, passengers will be required to wear a turban and keep their distance, the ship will only be half-filled with passengers. The duration of the unattended trip is still unknown.

It is noteworthy that a new tourist service is very popular in Taiwan and Australia – Airlines fly out of nowhere, planes flying from Taiwan and Sydney airports fly in the wrong direction and then return to the airports again.