Sophie Lauren is back - 86-year-old actress in the trailer for the new movie
By admin - October 23, 2020

The Italian legend of the film world, Sophie Lauren, is starring in an important feature film for the first time in years, and the result seems so interesting that she should not be overlooked by any film lover.

The new film starring Sophie Lauren is called The Life Ahead, which was shot by her son, director Edoardo Ponti, based on the bestseller of the same name by the famous French writer Roman Garry.

Lauren won an Oscar for her role as Chochara in the 1960 film, and judging by the trailer for this new film, she will be one of the most accountable contenders for the upcoming Oscars:

The upcoming film is about a woman who survived the Holocaust, Madame Rosa, and a 12-year-old Senegalese immigrant boy, Momo. It is not the first time that a screenplay based on this story has been created: Israeli director Moshe Mizrach previously shot a film called Madame Rosa, which won the 1978 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Sophie Lauren last starred in a feature film in 2009: She starred in the musical Nine (Nine), and has since appeared in several television and short film projects. As he says in one of his interviews, he did not plan such a pause in advance:

“It just so happened. I wanted to have the right inspiration and challenge. There was no movie I would immediately get my hands on. If you start doing something that you know will work best for you, then it really does on screen. Says the actor.

The movie premieres on Netflix on November 13 and we can then evaluate this ambitious screening.