Space Trash Cleanup: ESA Signs Off On First-Ever Mission
By admin - November 27, 2020

Swiss company ClearSpace has signed a $ 102 million contract with the European Space Agency. With this funding, the company will send a satellite specializing in Earth orbit in 2025 to clear Orbit of space debris.

By this time, thousands of inactive satellites and debris orbiting the Earth, left over from spaceflight, were orbiting. Space debris is a growing threat to various flights and astronauts in orbit.

According to the CEO of ClearSpace, hundreds and thousands of artificial satellites are planned to be launched in the coming years, which will seriously increase space pollution.

By 2025, the CleasSpace-1 satellite, after collecting space debris, will be attached to the dysfunctional rocket Vespas, which weighs 112 kilograms and will launch it into Earth orbit, causing it to ignite soon after. This mission will be just the beginning and the company hopes that in the future the work of “cleaning” space will intensify.