SpaceX Aborts Test Flight Of Starship Prototype At One Second To Liftoff
By admin - December 9, 2020

Yesterday SpaceX was to make a significant test flight of the next generation Starship rocket. The Starship, or rocket that humans must use to travel to Mars, yesterday tried to improve its own result. The company had planned to launch a massive rocket at an altitude of 12.5 kilometers, but very soon after the launch of the rocket engines, the engines stopped working and stopped, the Starship prototype could not fly, SpaceX urges us to follow the news on the official Twitter account of the company

The test flight was aimed at testing the Starship launch and landing capability, which the spacecraft will do both on Earth and on other planets. SpaceX aims to use the Starship to transport cargo and transport humans to space destinations such as the Moon and Mars. A similar flight will help the company determine the Starship’s ability to perform a controlled flight of the spacecraft and see if the missile equipment, especially the three main engines, is functional.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gave the flight a “1/3 chance” to successfully complete the flight. SpaceX, for its part, highlighted the possibility that the test flight might have flown perfectly, but as we have seen, the Starship prototype was unable to fly.

“Such a test does not measure success, but a similar flight allows us to see what we can learn, which increases the likelihood of success in the future,” SpaceX wrote about the flight. If all goes well, the flight will allow the company to conduct even more ambitious tests in the future, with the final culmination being the launch of the Startship orbit to Mars.