Spotify to Separate Music and Podcasts
By Claire Miles - August 25, 2022

Are you someone who enjoys streaming music or podcasts? Well, then you probably make use of Spotify. If you don’t then you will be pleased to know that Spotify is a digital streaming platform that allows you to listen to music and podcasts right from your smartphone or laptop. That’s right, streaming digital content couldn’t be easier. Since it first came on the market, Spotify has become increasingly popular. So much so that content creators and musicians aim to have their music or content displayed on Spotify. Now with the platform constantly growing, there are a few changes to be expected.

Getty Images / Moment / Jordi Salas

As you well know, Spotify allows you to stream both music and podcasts. This is why the streaming platform was such a great hit. You see, users enjoyed the fact that they could listen to their favorite podcast while driving or simply listen to the newest album. With that said, music and podcasts have always been together. By this, we mean that there was nothing officially separating the two forms of content. Instead, you would get recommendations based on what you have previously listened to or what you have shown interest in. But you should know that things have now changed.

Spotify has decided to give the home page a complete makeover. What does this mean exactly? Well, this simply means that instead of having your podcasts and music displayed on the same page, they will now be separate. You see, now you will have a tab for music and a tab for podcasts and shows. When you click on the music tab, you will be taken to the music page where you will find all your favorite tunes and some you may not have heard before. The same applies to the podcast tab. It is clear to see that Spotify has improved its user experience.