Taylor Swift Announces Second Surprise Album Of 2020
By admin - December 11, 2020

All of a sudden, American singer Taylor Swift announced today that she will release her new ninth studio album, Evermore (“Forever”), in the Western Time Zone (ET) at midnight, or about 10 p.m. The singer said the album was “da” for her latest work, Folklore, released in July, which was nominated for 6 Grammy nominations this year.

With the release of the album, we will see the video clip for the first song, Willow, and Taylor himself will answer the questions of the fans live in parallel with the premiere of the clip.

The songs on the new album, like folklore, were co-created with Jack Antonov and Aaron Desner, with the singer collaborating with William Broad and Joe Elvin, who turned out to be Taylor’s partner.

The album also includes songs created in collaboration with the sisters trio HAIM and Bon Iver. With the latter, Taylor recorded one of the most popular folk songs, exile.

“Simply put, we could no longer stop writing songs,” Swift writes. .We chose to continue wandering.

“I have never acted like this before. I was shocked by each album as if it were a separate era, and I started working on the next one only after the release of this album,” the singer adds. “I was glad you generously received fabulous landscapes, tragedies and epic love stories found and found. So I kept writing them.”

In another post posted on Twitter, the singer reveals details about the album.

“After the age of 13, I was especially looking forward to when I would be 31, because it is a reversal of my lucky number [the singer’s birthday is December 13], so I wanted you to make me happy with this album now,” he wrote to fans. “You were amazingly caring, supportive and charming, and this time I thought I would give you something. However, I know that most of us will be alone during the holidays, and if you, like me, miss your loved ones with music, this album is for you.”

Evermore includes 15 songs, though Deluxe will include two more bonus singles in the release.