The Art of Journaling
By Claire Miles - March 21, 2023

At a time when the days seem to blend into each other, and it feels like an endless whirlpool of tomorrows, the very act of writing one’s chaotic emotions down can be quite the therapy. Countless people nowadays look towards journaling to make sense of their experiences and emotions as it helps them to look at their lives and the world from another viewpoint. Journaling can be a curative practice that allows people to separate their feelings from events, as putting thoughts on paper can allow people to be conscious of themselves at a deeper level and indulge father into their beliefs and interpretations of life.

Journaling can also be beneficial as it helps ease distressing thoughts when people are struggling and can be a system for them to confront their emotions rather than plugging them deep down, which might even harm their well-being. But through writing, people can organize their thoughts and feelings so that they don’t take up space freeing up the mind to focus on other tasks; these emotions can be revisited later and allow people to fully engage and comprehend them genuinely.

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Moreover, in the long term, journaling can cultivate a greater sense of meaning in an individual as writing forces people to manage their experiences, allowing them to gain insights about themselves and their world. Being able to look at one’s life from another perspective can give people a sense of control in their selves, aiding them in their personal growth.

People having trouble starting can begin with general thoughts and feelings about their days or what they aim to do with their lives. After a sense, they can dig into more specific life topics, catering to an important aspect, such as their social life (how is it changing and how are they handling the change), their workplace (thinking about their financial goals or what is different about their jobs) and even about their relationships (any issues that they feel needs addressing with the relation and how would they go about it), etc. Journaling is all about people engaging deeply in writing and finding themselves.