The Art Of Quilling
By Alexandra Wade - June 14, 2022

Quilling is an old form of art that has gained a lot of attraction from artists around the world because of its affordability and also a delicacy. It is an excellent form of art that can be used to teach children during summer breaks. This will help them to form a beautiful relationship with art that will allow them to spend the summer break in an extremely lucrative way.

Getty Images/Moment/Flavio Coelho

Quilling is a form of art therapy that is done by rolling strips of paper into creative forms which are then glued to form multiple shapes and then are pasted over a harder form of paper. The paper stripes are manipulated in ways that they form into cute boxes such as jewelry organizers, cards, and multiple other cute paper ornaments. The origin of the quilling is not known however, it is known to start in ancient Egypt where women started making ornaments out of paper. This art further traveled to France and then Italy where people started recognizing it as an art form. Moreover, the form gained extreme popularity as religious heads such as monks and scholars started using it to decorate the holy books.

However, there are certain tools that you need to invest in to begin the art of quilling. Some of the most important tools include Crimple tool, tweezers, slotted tool, and the needle tool. The crimple tool is used to form crimps that allow the creation of frills over the dresses and other necessary tools. Tweezers are used to hold multiple stripes of paper that will help in holding multiple strands of quilling paper. To form different types of arts, quilling artists also invest in different types of quilling papers. Some famous forms of paper include: two-tone paper, graduated paper, and acid-free paper. Artists use paper as per their desired color and design requirements.