The Best IDEs For Developers
By Keith Donnelly - July 10, 2022

Visual Studio Code, NetBeans, Eclipse, and PyCharm are some of the most used Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) used by programmers today. An IDE is a platform that provides programmers with extensive facilities and tools for use in software development. It allows programmers to write, run, compile, and debug codes according to their needs. Here are some of the favorite IDEs used by programmers.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Degui Adil

Visual Studio Code is perhaps the most famous and widely used of the lot. It’s a Microsoft IDE that lets you create websites, web apps, and mobile apps. Both Windows and macOS support this platform and it can be used to develop software for any platform. It applies artificial intelligence to learn from your tweaks as you work, allowing it to complete your words – err, lines of code. Moreover, it allows you to share your work with your team live when you’re writing and debugging. An IDE developed by Oracle and the Apache Software Foundation, NetBeans offers a complete package for developers who want to code in Java. It also enhances the development of bug-free websites by underlining code both syntactically and semantically. NetBeans is widely used for the development of mobile, desktop, and web apps.

The only disadvantage of NetBeans is that the start time of the application is very long. Developed by the Eclipse Foundation, Eclipse is an open-source IDE mainly for developing in Javascript but when you get comfortable with the environment, it allows you to code in almost any language. An amazing feature of this IDE is that static analysis can be done on the code as the IDE includes a drag-and-drop interface. Windows, macOS, and Linux all support this platform. Primarily one of the most famous IDEs for Python as the first two initials of the name suggest, PyCharm is an IDE renowned for code inspection, smart code completion, and instant error flagging. The user interface of this IDE is very easy-to-use and allows you to write clean and comprehensive codes. Windows, macOS, and Linux all support this platform and additionally support other frameworks like Google App Engine as well.