The Black Panther Is Now Available On Fortnite
By admin - December 22, 2020

Marvel Superhero Black Panther is now available on Fortnite, you can purchase it and Captain Marvel as part of the Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack for $ 24.99.

Epic Games announced the final release of Black Panther to gamers on Monday morning. For gamers, this update to Fortnite is gratifying, because since the release of the movie, Black Panther, in 2018, many fans have seen this Marvel character.

Fortnite also had speculation last season about the release of the Black Panther character. A map appeared last season while players were tasked with finding the state of the Black Panther, even though the Black Panther had never appeared in a Fortnite store before. It is suggested that the Black Panther character was developed last season but was delayed after the death of Chadwick Bozeman, who played the role of superhero in the 2018 film. Marvel plans to continue Black Panther and its debut is expected to be in 2022.

Fortnite’s latest season has focused mainly on movie characters, and while Epic has created many original characters this season, you can also play with both Mandalorians and Baby Yoda floating sideways in their capsule. This season Epic has also added Kratos, Master Chief Halo and two characters from The Walking Dead.