The Changing Landscape of Business Opportunities
By Claire Miles - August 22, 2022

Gone are the days when every graduate would begin their hunt for a corporate job where they work about forty hours a week to earn enough to support themselves. Today, the job sector has evolved into a diverse number of ways that people can choose to make money. With some skill, and of course some luck, people can make a lot of money doing very little work or end up making minimal wages after putting their everything into the job they have. It is the age of people no longer attempting to work hard, but to work smart to be successful.

Today, people don’t always go around begging for a job or an opportunity to earn money. They make things happen for themselves. Sellers on amazon or online businesses that have made use of connections to capitalize in markets are perfect examples of this. Just the way people do not need to go to universities to acquire the talent that they are going to need in their careers, they don’t need to go to interviews and look for jobs to make things happen for themselves.

If things continue on the same path, then studies suggest that there is soon going to be a time when the middle class has completely vanished. There are those whom luck has favored and who have been able to break it in their business to make their own place in the market. Then, there are those who could not make decisions and stay with the times and now suffer from a lack of opportunities because most markets have already been saturated. If this theory proves to be true, then the world may become a much more competitive environment, and the minimal requirements to make it in the modern world may increase all the more.