The Definition of Art
By Ariella Jacobs - June 11, 2023

Art is similar to life, as paintings first begin on a blank canvas, which we decide
how we will paint. Life is far from perfect, but it’s the way that we live our lives
and continue to grow and become better that makes it better. Art does not
revolve around perfection, but it adds color and beauty to our lives.

For as long as humanity has existed, art has always been there with us. All this
time, people have been creating and enjoying art, whether it be through visuals,
audios, and more. Many people see art as a human skill which some people are
only lucky enough to be born with, but I, and many others can agree, that this is
not true. Art can be learnt, and art can be taught. Creativity is within everyone.
Art is seen differently by everyone. The word ’art’ may bring the idea of painting
and sketching to people’s minds, but to others, it’s actually a lot more than that.
Art expresses different emotions and expresses people’s lives. Art can be created
by anyone and everyone and has no limits. Art is not just poetry, music, painting,
etc. If something is made by someone or by nature, that makes it unique and
special in its very own way, making it art.

Artists use their work in different ways; to convey messages, along with their
thoughts and feelings. They may use art to tell stories or connect with people,
making art a very important part of people’s lives. Art is somewhat like love. It
isn’t perfect, but it’s something which continues to grow and develop overtime.
Art is an escape for some people, a way to get away from everything they’re
struggling with it. Filled with emotions, thoughts, creativity and devotion, the ability
to create art is within everyone.