The Different Types of Coffee Drinkers
By Laura Lee - April 14, 2022

Coffee isn’t just a warm beverage you drink on cold days. It’s actually really important to some people. Matter of fact, it is so important that some people invest in it and open businesses like Starbucks. With that said as a coffee lover, you are able to get a number of different types of coffee at a variety of stores. Now what you don’t know is that there isn’t just one type of way to make coffee. You may know about the basics such as a flat white, cappuccino, and even a latte. But there are actually quite a few more types of coffee drinks. Simply take a look through our top picks.

Getty Images/Moment/ Boy_Anupong

A common or well more popular type of caffeine drink would be an Americano. An Americano is also known as an Espresso Americano. This caffeine drink is basically an espresso with hot water served in a cappuccino cup. Another popular coffee drink would be the Caffe Latte. This hot beverage is known as a tall mild milk coffee drink. It ordinary comes in a 150ml to 300ml latte glass. A caffe latte is simple, it is actually an espresso served with steamed milk and a tad bit of milk foam poured on top of it.

You see it may seem like a complicated drink but it’s really not. Now you may have a sweet tooth but you probably also want to get your caffeine fix in. Well don’t worry, you can get both with the Cafe Mocha. This is a cafe latte that is served with chocolate and whipped cream. You see there is chocolate sauce in the glass and it is then followed by a shot of espresso and then steamed milk. With this drink, you get coffee and something sweet. There is a great variety of different coffee drinks you can head off and explore.