The Gray Man On Netflix
By Andrew Parker - July 29, 2022

The Russo Brothers’ most recent international action-thriller, The Gray Man, has a killer hook: Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, two of Hollywood’s greatest celebrities, duking it out with everything weapons, vehicles, and explosives a famous mercenary could desire. The movie has a star-lead cast with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas to name a few. It is currently on the trending list of movies to watch on Netflix.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Michael Kovac

If you were hoping for anything more than a big-budget movie showdown, you might be a little letdown. The Gray Man has a relentless edit that frequently feels like it was put together with all the insight of a blind sous chef, but we’re not here for craft; after all, this is business masquerading as art. The Gray Man is otherwise practical in terms of shot design. It’s a $200 million ego trip for a streamer whose business is now in trouble. It’s a fairly fun time, even if it comes at a hefty cost for the platform when you stand back and appreciate it for what it is: a star-heavy beat ’em up with lots of guts and firepower. Even if the film is stitched and pasted together, the action scenes are what really makes the image work pretty well.

Hansen is a sarcastic, obnoxious idiot with an insane grin in his eyes, coupling smart remarks and childish retorts with a love for callous killings, much like the delightfully named Ransom Drysdale in Knives. He serves as one of the most persuasive examples of the current pop culture case for a ban on guns in the United States because he embodies what most 4chan users would probably like to be. Blockbuster movies are typically thought to belong on the big screen, yet despite the huge budget and even greater actors, it’s difficult to see how seeing them in a theater would be more pleasant. No matter where you view it, there will always be noise. All things considered, it’s a tremendous blast when Gosling and Evans are in the picture.