The Importance of A Winning Mindset
By Andrew Parker - January 18, 2023

Many studies have been conducted, and many questions asked, pertaining to the secrets of success in this world. In any philosophical setting, the question arises: what is it that you want out of life? For many, the answer revolves around three different ideals: comfort, resource, or greatness. Many mistake money for greatness; wealth may buy you status, but you cannot use it to purchase a sound character. The greatest of individuals that have walked this earth are known not for the cars they drove, nor the estates in which they lived, but for their ability to defy all odds and allure the agents of victory in even the most unlikely of situations.

There is one key characteristic that all sporting greats share in common: the will to win. Although there are many different mediums that an individual can utilize to spark this desire within them, sport is perhaps one of the most potent.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Morsa Images

Sport teaches you that, very often, those structures that are established by men prove to be binary in nature. For example, in a game of football, there are three objective options. The results of the match cannot deviate from these three possibilities: one can either win, draw, or lose. there is no other option.

Players such as Michael Jordan, or Roger Federer, redefined what it means to play sport. for them, when entering the match, the nuance of possibilities was monochromatic in nature: there was no other possibility than victory at success, for even if they lost the match, the one in that they learn from their mistakes. That is what truly sets apart the sporting goods from others, who are merely considered semi successful within the game; the greets understood the importance of Kaizen – consistent and relentless improvement.