The Importance of Having Your Own Software
By Claire Miles - March 15, 2023

When you look at huge businesses, you might have noticed that there are applications specific to that particular business, and only the employees working there have access to and know how to operate the software. For a small business, having your own software could be less of a benefit and more of a problem. They would have to invest in training of newly employed staff and in the maintenance of the software. Being a small business, they may not be able to afford this luxury and might be better off subscribing to an external software premium version to allow access to their employees.

However, for bigger businesses, this weakness can become their greatest strength. Since they can afford the investment in the software, they can create software that is specific to their needs and one that can cater to the small details and bugs the employees of the business face in operations. Big businesses have a renowned brand name and their hires are less likely to switch jobs too fast. This means that investing in their training to teach them the software could be worth the business while.

What’s more, is that having your own software protects you from external threats. Granted you need an efficient IT department to build protective walls in your software but in general, there may be fewer predators looking to hijack software used by just one business as compared to one that is popular and used by multiple businesses. It also means that if you are handling a lot of sensitive or confidential information on your software then not everyone can access your accounts and understand the use of your software to be able to access that information. This may be why globally renowned businesses such as PWC, Emirates, or Engro corporations use specific software in their operations.