The iPhone Factory Tells How They Lied to Apple
By admin - October 28, 2020

The investigation showed that the Foxconn factory located in Taiwan used the equipment of the American company for Huawei smartphones.

The report details how Foxconn used various ways to increase its profits.

One such case is related to the 2018 iPad Pro. To test production of the tablet, Foxconn asked Apple to hire additional staff, which was considered a common practice between the two companies, although it turned out that Foxconn was artificially increasing the number of additional staff required.

According to the employees of the enterprise, this is not the first case when Foxconn tries to increase its profit in such a way.

In addition, Apple has accused Foxconn of violating the non-disclosure agreement. As it is known, the company organized an excursion for Google employees when the production of a 12-inch MacBook was started in the factory. Apple has asked Foxconn to remove all video recordings, but the company has not complied.

The authors of the investigation note that Apple-owned equipment at the Foxconn plant was also used to fulfill other orders. In particular, the devices purchased by Apple, which tested the radio frequency of the device, were used no more, no less for Huawei smartphones.