The Marketing Job Industry
By Laura Lee - March 11, 2023

The marketing field has divulged and multiplied into many more specific types of marketing. Marketing techniques are no longer limited to billboards, radio or television advertisements, flyers, or trade shows. In fact, marketing techniques have shifted to using data analytics to target more specific prospective buyers in order to make sales. This shift has changed focus from traditional marketing to mainly digital marketing which has opened up new forms of marketing. These include social media marketing, search engine optimization, influencer referrals, event sponsorship, and many more. Considering the changing nature of the industry, it is important to observe the change in the job market and the applicants available in the prospective employee pool.

It appears that marketing jobs are no longer limited to business school specialists or graduates. In fact, there is only little of an edge that you would get specifically in a marketing major from a university. Hiring professionals are now focusing on employing Marketeers with more of a social outreach, as compared to knowledge about the business world. Instagram models are hired solely based on the high number of followers that they have and are paid to endorse a product. Engineers, lawyers, or even doctors, pursuing a side hustle are allowed to work in the marketing industry provided that they have an artistic mindset and can create content that appeals to the eye and can be posted on social media.

Data analysts have found a huge space in the marketing industry where they can make use of their skill in computer science and their understanding of data to single out customers that are most likely to be attracted by the firm’s marketing strategies. Specifically catering to these people’s needs allows the firm to ensure effective and targeted marketing. Given the job market situation, it may be safe to assume high levels of saturation in the marketing industry which means that a simple marketing major may need to pursue some more skills to ensure his or her place in the job market.