The Most Iconic Street Art Around The World
By Laura Lee - June 30, 2023

Street art is a form of visual expression that dates back to the early 20th century. Today, it’s become a global phenomenon with the rise of social media and easier access to materials. From Banksy’s provocative pieces to JR’s larger-than-life photographic interventions, some street art has earned worldwide recognition. Here are some of the most iconic street art pieces that are known around the world.

Banksy is arguably the most internationally renowned street artist in the world. His works often feature witty and provoking narratives. Much of his art has been documented on social media and in popular culture. He is renowned for pieces like “Love Is in the Air”, “Girl With Balloon” and “Rat”. His works have generated controversy, sparked conversation and international debate.

Getty Images/ Getty Images News/ Jeff J Mitchell

Invader is a Paris-born artist whose works seek to explore the world of video games and pop culture. His works often take the form of colorful mosaics of Space Invader characters installed in public spaces around the world. His works are often viewed as a form of playful public art, often with a socially charged message. He has had a major impact on the street art scene, with his art installed in over 60 countries around the world.

JR is a French street artist and photographer . His works often feature large-scale photographs, murals and graffiti. His works often explore socio-political issues such as immigration and poverty. He is renowned for creating the world’s largest ever photomontage in Rio de Janeiro. His works often seek to empower and inspire people, creating an atmosphere of hope and strength.

Etam Cru
Etam Cru is a street art duo from Poland. Their works often feature bright colors, surreal characters and dreamlike scenes. Much of their art serves to explore the dreams, hopes and emotions of everyday life. Their works often feature characters drawn in a whimsical and surreal style, with a focus on emotions and relationships.