The Strange Robot Crawls Like a Snake And Makes It Easy to Lift Things.
By admin - November 10, 2020

A science group is looking for more effective ways to “wrestle”. The robot they created is like an ivory that wraps around various objects and wrestles lightly.

The design of the robot takes into account the real muscular structure of the ivory, which simplifies the gripping of the device with this item. The robot is equipped with special network sensors that allow it to enclose fragile or easily fragile items so as not to damage them. According to research, standard robots are less convenient and sensitive to it.

Researchers at the University of New South Wales have also released a video of the robot in action, where you can see how it wraps around various objects, be it a hammer or a cucumber. Scientists say the robot can hold 220 times heavier objects on its head.

Scientists have turned to the natural world for inspiration. According to their observations, snakes and elephants can touch objects very lightly, if necessary, with great force.

Looks like standard robots and human limbs. A new, snake-like robot created by science is distinguished by its delicacy.