The Tinder Video Chat Feature Has Been Launched Globally
By admin - October 27, 2020

After testing the feature in several countries around the world and in several US states, face-to-face video chat support has become available to all users. The new feature is important in that partners can get to know each other better, without a face-to-face meeting or the use of external video calling apps.

A Tinder spokesman said the video chat feature minimizes privacy risks and puts user safety first.

The feature will only work if both users have video chat support enabled, after which, if desired, you can press the camcorder button in the chat window.

When using the video chat, both users must agree to Tinder’s policy that both speakers’ cameras must be turned on and the image must be clear. The app will also help you to present yourself best during the conversation – after the call is completed, the app will offer you a call quality assessment.


Tinder also gives users some practical tips regarding video chat. Among them, you will find a convenient time for video chat. The app will also give you some practical tips on how you should look when playing video.

Clearly, the golden interval between dry correspondence and physical encounters is exactly the video call, as this allows you to get to know your partner better and find out how much you like each other. Despite the efforts of the Tinder team, it should be noted that the threat of sexual harassment during video calls is still relevant.