'The Undoing' Ends With Series-High Viewership on HBO
By admin - December 2, 2020

On November 29, the finale of one of the most popular miniseries of 2020, The Undoing, took place, which on the one hand became the subject of great discussions on the Internet, and on the other hand turned out to be an unexpected success for the TV company HBO.

According to the company, the finale was seen on all its platforms by a total of more than three million people, which is 43% more than the previous episode and almost twice the number of viewers of the premiere series.

It is also noteworthy that the destruction finale with this result is the most watched episode among the HBO series after the finale of the second season of The Big Little Lies, which was watched by 3.1 million people.

It also became the first HBO series, the popularity of which was constantly growing after each episode.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Jeff Kravitz

The new mini-series Destruction was filmed according to the best-selling bestseller, You Should Have Known, published in 2014 by American writer Gene Corelitz.

Like the book, the series tells the story of Therapist Gray and Jonathan Fraser, whose lives are suddenly filled with more shocking events. The main characters in the series are played by Hollywood dazzling stars, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant.