The Value of Employee Wellbeing
By Claire Miles - March 19, 2023

Have you ever heard the phrase corporate slavery? What’s sad is that this is more than just a phrase. In fact, there are a lot of employees that feel like they have no option but to stay at their jobs because of the lack of jobs in the job market but at the same time did not feel valued at their job and feel like they’re very overworked and underpaid. Businesses sometimes take advantage of the lack of jobs in the job market and exploit their labor force. This may be a sad reality, but the truth is there can be a lot of different ways to make your employees feel good about their job and in turn, bring better results.

Even at a minimal cost, you could do some things that would simply help keep your employees healthy. You could bring in the culture of standing desks so employees have the option of changing their posture to avoid back pain. You could establish a culture that does not keep employees at work if there is no work in the first place. during your busy seasons, you might need to call in all your employees and they might be busy all day long. but if there is a time during the year that you are not as overwhelmed then you could use that time to give your employees a few days off rest and refresh themselves for the busy season. It could be mindful of the personal situations if your employees and customs slack if they’re not doing good at home. They might be a few minutes late due to some personal reasons but you don’t need to grill them if they have a valid reason. These little things can make employees feel respected at their workplace and help them maintain better mental health which would in turn bring better results.