The Widow's Got to Know Each Other Online and Are Already Living Together
By admin - December 8, 2020

In late September, the Cornwall Shelter Shelter in England said one of their residents, an owl named Harris, felt “lost”: his partner had died suddenly. Do not think this story is a joke, otters are monogamous and often live with one partner for the rest of their lives, so obviously, a similar tragedy turned out to be a big blow for owl Harris.

It was to alleviate this difficult situation that the shelter started searching for a partner for Harris on the Internet: “I am very caring, I love hugs and I am a good listener. I love her like no other in this country!”

Since the couple has already divorced and no one can separate them, Harris will live with Pampkin in a shelter in Scarborough.

“We miss her very much, but after all that Harris and Pumpkin have gone through, it’s the perfect fairytale ending for them to find love again,” said Harris’s native Cornwall shelter.