Things That Will Help You To Cope With Quarantine Stress
By admin - September 20, 2020

Sitting at home for days or even weeks is not something we wish to do, but it’s a national emergency right now. We can protect ourselves as well as others by avoiding social interaction.

Most of us feel that we are somehow cut off from our everyday life as we work or study remotely because of the ongoing process.
We want to suggest you bunch of things that will help you to “kill” the time in quarantine while being productive and having fun as well.

Socialize Remotely

Do not let social distancing block you out from your beloved ones. Text them, call them, set times for Facetime. The reason that most likely disturbs us from group video chats is the time, right? So what’s the problem now? Shout out your friends and reunion finally! Take this as a sign! There’s nothing wrong with having fun through this challenging period of our lives.

Master your Cooking Skills

Now that we are spending more time at home, we can challenge ourselves in the kitchen. Go check what you have in your pantry and wimp up a new meal. Watch some video tutorials if needed… Food shortages in supermarkets, shutting down restaurants made people more creative in fact!


Well, here it is: gained calories need to be burnt. There’s plenty of options you can do the workout routine at home. It might not be the same as the regular one at the gym but it still does help you to stay in good health. You can freely download apps or watch videos on Youtube. Many fitness clubs offer free online workouts people can do at home. Quarantine does not mean eating all day every day!

Art Galleries and Museums

Museums and galleries are posting on social media under the hashtag #museumfromhome showing their collection. For you who fancy that kind of stuff, here you go:

Read Books

Since there’s enough time right now, it’s your chance to read the books you have always wanted to but never had the time for. Go check your library at home or surf through the online ones. Reread you, favorite authors, again. Get yourself a food for thought!

And Just do whatever you please!