This Tattoo Changes The Color According Blood Sugar Rise
By admin - November 7, 2020

For thousands of years, tattoos have been an integral part of human existence. Moreover, there were times when tattoos of various shapes and meanings even helped you determine the status of people.

Here, today, tattoos are basically one of the best ways of self-expression and are especially popular among young people.

However, we have another good news for tattoo lovers today. Scientists have created a tattoo that changes the color of your body according to its chemical composition.

The fact is that researchers at the Munich University of Technology have developed a method by which the color of an image painted with a special liquid depends on the composition of human blood.

Getty Images/iStock/PaulGulea

If the tattoo determines the acidity, if it turns light yellow, it means that its level in the blood is very low, and in the case of bruises, on the contrary – high.

It should also be noted that reversible is only a pH tattoo, and of course, if the tattoo only works once, it is not greatly practical. According to science, the creation of synthetic receptors will make it possible for the other two “sensors” to become reversible. However, they say this will be determined by future studies.

Glucose-determining dye, in case of high content of the same substance, changes from light green to dark green.

And, to detect the albumin content in the blood, its defining dye takes on a dark green color instead of yellow.