Those Apps Will Help You To Maintain Your Mental Health
By admin - September 20, 2020

Coronavirus forces each of us to adapt to an unusual way of life. Social distancing applies to everyone: those who are in quarantine or self-isolation, and those who do not even have the luxury of staying home because of the specific working routine of theirs.

The applications below are based on the principle of diversity. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert; If you’ve been struggling with mental health problems for years, or you’ve just encountered it; If you’re a gamer or a book worm – You will definitely find the app you like here.


This application is specifically designed to alleviate loneliness during quarantine or self-isolation due to a Coronavirus. Although it is still possible to connect with family and friends at this time, what those people miss is spontaneous contact with strangers.

Once you install Dialup and enter your cell phone number, the algorithm will randomly connect with other audio users from anywhere in the world.

“COVID-19 is definitely not fun, but we hope this project will bring people moments of joy during these difficult times,” say the creators of the app.

App is Available for both iOS and Android users.

What’s up?

This app lets you run a diary, perform breathing exercises, or engage in an interactive Q&A. The “Thinking Box” page will teach you how to stop negative monologues with yourself.

Available for both iOS and Android users.


What we hear the most during these days is to wash our hands very often. This is a prerequisite for stopping the spread of Coronavirus, but it is difficult for those who have to deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Indeed, psychiatrists are already talking about cases where their patients wash their hands more often than recommended.

GG OCD helps us to overcome the symptoms that characterize this mental problem, to keep track of our negative thoughts and to train our brains to replace them with positive ones. To do this, the user goes through different phases, each consisting of short games around a specific topic.

Available for iOS users.

Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle will study your sleep quality and provide you with detailed statistics to better understand what can make sleeping tasty. The app also has a “gently awake” alarm clock that switches on during the sleep phase when waking up is most desirable.

Available for both iOS and Android users.


Once you get into the app, you will have to answer a few questions, and the algorithm will determine which “path” to take. You are also provided with quizzes and assignments to accomplish a specific goal daily.

Available for both iOS and Android users.

What’s your favourite?