Three Growing Reddit Communities
By Claire Miles - August 19, 2021

It’s remarkable just how much Reddit has grown. What was once a niche forum dedicated to a number of different hobbies and clubs has grown into one of the modern internet’s most fascinating hubs, an agora market square of memes, ideas, confessions, pictures, videos, music, news, opinion pieces, interviews, and more. The website has grown by such a staggering rate that newcomers may feel a tad overwhelmed as to what the go-to subreddits are, while even some Reddit oldheads are finding trouble keeping up with all the new and sometimes confusing subreddits. So, without further ado, here is our brief list of interesting subreddits to get lost in!

True off my chest

Gettyimages / Henrik Sorensen / DigitalVision

One of the fastest-growing Reddit communities out there, r/TrueOffMyChest is a place for people to confess their deepest and darkest secrets and sins. It’s a great place to delve into the often less-spoken sides of human nature, and also a great place to, well, get something off your chest. Sure, not all of the posts are about dark and twisted deeds, but they do all share the quality of being something that somebody felt an urgent need to say while having no other place to do so, and that dynamic makes for interesting posts!