Thrill-seeking Grandmother, 90, Celebrates Her Birthday By Skydiving From 15,000ft
By admin - October 11, 2020

In Lancashire, Britain, a woman jumped from a plane with a parachute, skydiving, to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Patricia Baker jumped 3 miles from Earth.

He said he did not worry about jumping because he is in shape and does 50 sit-ups every morning.

Her main source of motivation was to raise money for charity.

“It was cool, a bit scary, but it was very cool.” He said after admitting.

He came up with the idea after a friend told him he had a wish list – “I said I hadn’t thought about it, so I thought about it and decided to do something big. I always wanted to parachute, but I never jumped for years.”

Due to her age, the doctor did not sign the document allowing her to parachute, so Patricia went to a special center for parachuting, where she successfully passed the medical examination.

Patricia raised 1500 for charity by parachuting.